1953 Sergei Chepik was born in Kiev, on June 24, the son of the painter Mikhail Chepik and the sculptress Ludmila Sabaneeva.

1961-1971 Studied in Kiev at a secondary school specialising in arts.

1971-1973 Studied at the Chevchenko Art Institute in Kiev

1973 After his father's death, Chepik leaves definitively Kiev and settles down in Leningrad.

1973-1978 Studied at the Repin Art Institute in Leningrad (now St Petersburg).

1978 Obtained his diploma of end of studies and entered the Union of the Young Painters of Leningrad.

1978 Exhibition "Young Painters of Leningrad".
       "The Circus Has Come".

1979 National Exhibition of Diploma Works, Manege, Leningrad and Moscow.

1980 Exhibition "Young Painters", House of the Union of Artists, Leningrad.

1981 Biennal of Prague ; exhibition "Russian Painting" in Tokyo.

1982 Exhibition "Petersburg-Leningrad" in Manege, Leningrad. Exhibition "Russian Painting" in Osaka and Tokyo

1983 National Exhibition of Portraits in the House of the Union of Artists (Moscow).

1984 National Exhibition of the Young Painters of the USSR, Academy of Beautiful Arts, Moscow and Leningrad.

1984 Exhibition "Soviet Painting Week" in Tokyo.
        Sketch of "The House of the Deaths"

1985 Exhibition "Soviet Painting" in Köln (Germany). First Personal Exhibition "Russian Landscapes" in the House of the Union of Artists (Leningrad).
        "Plios on the Volga" , "Kiev in Summer"

1986 Retrospective Exhibition " Paintings, Graphics and Ceramics", at the Youth Palace of Leningrad.
        "Petrushka" (or "Autumn") (1984-86)

1988 Chepik settles down in Paris. "The House of the Dead" is awarded the Big Price at the Autumn salon (Grand Palais, Paris). Exhibition "Russian Painting" (Roy Miles Gallery, London).
        "The Lady in Black".

1988 Exhibition "Russian Painting" (Roy Miles Gallery, London).
        "The Angel White of Notre-Dame", "La Parisienne" ; "Crucifixion" - " Pieta " - "Apocalypse (1986-88)"

1989 Monte Carlo International Exhibition of Contemporary Art : "The Tree" is awarded the Price for the City of Monaco.
        "Golgotha", " The Followers", "The Veterans".

1989 Salon of the French School, Musée du Luxembourg (Paris).
        "Saint-Petersburg's Foundation"

1990 Personal and Retrospective Exhibition at the Roy Miles Gallery (London), from October 10 till November 9. Big public and critical success in the British press.
        "Ship of Happiness", "The Station" (1989-90), "The Foreign Cities" (1989-90), "Ivan the Terrible".

1991 Exhibition "Russian Art : 1930-1990" (Roy Miles Gallery, London). Exhibition of watercolours (Roy Miles Gallery, London).
        "Troika", "Hoffmann's Tales", "Procession 1", "Boxers 1", "Boxers 2", "The Circus".

1992 Wedding with a Frenchwoman.
        Completion of the "First Circle" (1990-92).
        "The New Bridge", "Our Lady", "The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame" , "Portrait of the Artist's Family in Studio", "The Ship of Happiness", "Self-portrait with Petrushka", "Procession 2", "Procession 3", "Toreador", "Bullfighting", "Carousel".

1993 Personal Exhibition in Croissy's castle (01/05 to 27/06/93) as well as in Prieuré Saint Maurice (Senlis, France). Personal Exposition at the Roy Miles Gallery  (3 March - April 7).
        June : Presentation to the public of the portrait of the Baroness Margaret Thatcher.
        Completion of "Nureyev's Portrait" (1991-93); "Procession 4", "The Foreign Towns".

1994 Big Exhibition of nouelles work in Roy Miles Gallery.
        "The Red Place" (1993-94), "Procession 5 ", "The Pont-Neuf".

1995 Exhibition at the Salon de l'Ecole Française (Chapel Saint-Leonard, Croissy-sur-Seine).
        Journey in Russia. Back in France, he began to paint "Golgotha" (1995-1996).
        "Russian Tale (Ivan Durak)"

1996 Exhibition of watercolours at the Roy Miles Gallery (23 April May 2, 1996).

1997 Personal Exhibition at the Gallery Guiter (Paris).
        "Adam and Eve", "The Prophet", "The King Lear".

1998 Big Personal Exhibition at the Catto Gallery (London).

1999 Exhibition of the "Golgotha" at the Cork Street Gallery (London), then in the Chateau de Gruyère (Switzerland).
Personal exhibition at the Catto Gallery (December 5-23)